The Lord Shows up in Times of Trouble; Powerful Image Captured in Chattanooga Rubble

Another powerful image was captured in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In the middle of all the ruble, The Cross still stands.

Dorian Disaster: The Season’s First Hurricane on the Brink of Category Five

This year's first hurricane could become a category five hurricane, Dorian is expected to make landfall within the next two-three days. The hurricane is...

Deceased Abortion Doctor Kept Remains of Over 2,000 Medically Preserved Aborted Babies in Home Ulrich George Klopfer an abortion doctor in South Bend, Indiana died on September 3rd, 2019. Within the residence of the deceased abortionist, police located...

Double Homicide Leads to Mystery in Cleveland Tennessee, Police Say Victims were Targeted

Cleveland, Tennessee; two murder victims were located over the past few days, James "Pocket" Ledford and Jaclyn Kay Carroll-Markcloud. Initially, police believed that the...

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